Wisley, an amazing combination of flowers and plants

Wisley gardens in Woking, Surrey are set in 240 acres. There are multiple sections and the website highlights what is looking the best at a particular time of the year.

“The Royal Horticultural Society was given Wisley in 1903, although at that time only a small part of the 24ha (60 acres) estate was actually cultivated as a garden, the remainder being wooded farmland. The original garden was the creation of George Fergusson Wilson – businessman, scientist, inventor and keen gardener and a former Treasurer of the Society”

I spent three hours wandering around. Interestingly, they offer an eco-entrance option where as long as you took an eco-friendly transport option (being dropped off, or taking a bus or going by foot), the entrance cost is 12 pounds. Normally it is 15.95 pounds. Many families who love gardens and gardening get an RHS annual membership, allowing you to visit as often as you want. It definitely is a place I would sign up for the annual membership to see the gardens in the different seasons. There are also five RHS gardens throughout the UK.

Adu does not have the same desire to spend many hours wandering around a garden so he normally drops me off and then he will enjoy his geocaching hobby and fetch me at a set time. I read somewhere recently that one of the successes of a good marriage is being able to enjoy your hobby or what you love separately and then sharing the highlights of your time afterwards. I think this is very true.

I love gardens and find them to be a very peaceful and lovely way to spend a few hours. I also have learnt quite a bit about plants having established two indigenous home gardens in South Africa. It was amazing to see how many plants I recognised but also to see many new funky ones.

The mixed border area is one of the current highlights and there is such a beautiful variety of plants and colours. This area also leads one to this amazing statue of a horse’s head. There were also two other statues that I liked.

I walked over 4km in my time there visiting so many different sections. There is a South African meadow next to the glasshouse. It was pretty but not as amazing as I thought it would be.

There were also fields of lavender.

The rockery section is also beautiful.

The Bowes Lyon roses garden has over 4000 roses.

There is also an area near the entrance called the Jellicoe Canal which has beautiful lilies. There was a lovely moorhen sitting on her eggs.

It was a well-spent and wonderful few hours.

I loved this statue!
And the symmetry in this garden!

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