What site should you use for UK house sits?

We initially want to travel around Europe so we did a survey of housesitting sites across Europe.

I found the results so interesting that I decided to do the same across the United Kingdom.

I looked at housesits for the months of 1 August to 30 October (Peak European Summer) for all countries in the United Kingdom. I looked at a 10-day house sit as a minimum as otherwise you would have increased travel costs.

I had a look across five sites that compete across Europe: Trusted House Sitters, Nomador, Mind my house, Housesit Match and Housecarers, and also Mindmyhome UK – an additional website just for the UK.

I was surprised at the results. Nomador had nothing across all of the UK.  Housecarers had 1 housesit in Scotland. Housesit match had 3 in England, and Mind my house had 6 in England. HS and Mindmyhome Uk were by far the leaders and their results are detailed below:

 THSMindmy home UK
Northern Ireland11

This result showed me that if I was visiting the UK (as we plan to do summer 2022) we will definitely also join Mindmyhome UK to widen our scope.

If you do join THS for your house sitting adventure please use our THS reference number. This is RAF260405.  This gives us a two month free housesitting subsidy!

THS is very competitive and has a number of Housesitters on it, you should take this into account. The one website that enabled me to do this comparison easily is www.housesittersearch

It compares housesits across all sites. I often use it to see if there are any housesits, on another site in a gap that we have. The cost of Airbnb for a gap might be more than joining another housesitting site. The only issue is that it is not immediately updated. I have found housesits on THS (once I have logged in) are not listed here yet. 

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