Which house sitting site Europe?

We used Trusted Housesitters in 2019 and have used it again now. But there are four other competing sites also available: Nomador, Mind my house, Housesit Match and Housecarers. When planning our slow explore, I did an exercise to see if we should consider joining anyone else.

I looked at housesits for the months of 1 August to 30 October 2021 (Peak European Summer) for all countries in Europe apart from the United Kingdom. I looked at a 10-day house sit as a minimum, as otherwise you would have increased travel costs. The results below are interesting:

There were 378 housesits in total over the three-month period.

I was surprised to see that Nomador (French based) had more house sits listed than THS. THS had the biggest spectrum of European countries. Looking at it by country, France had the most housesits by far. The next four countries with housesits were Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

This supported our idea that THS is perhaps the best international site to join, but if one wants to housesit in France then one should definitely also consider Nomador.

If by chance you do join THS for your house sitting adventure please use our THS reference number. This is RAF260405. Then we get a two month free housesitting subsidy!

THS and Nomador are also the most costly sites to join. The one thing I like about THS is you can see how many other house sitters have applied for a housesit. (You may want to apply for a more “off-the wall housesit “ in the beginning to earn some references). Nomador is still working on this feature. But it has a very fast email response and it allows you three free guest applications.

Cyprus 1  1
Bulgaria 1   
France3017512 1
Iceland 1   
Italy1034 2
Ireland1011 1
Netherlands6 3  
Norway  1  
Portugal32 11

The one website that enabled me to do this comparison easily is www.housesittersearch It compares housesits across all sites. I often use it to see if there are any housesits, on another site in a gap that we have. The cost of Airbnb for a gap might be more than joining another house sitting site. The only issue is that it is not immediately updated. I have found housesits on THS (once I have logged in) are not listed here yet. 

I analysed the United Kingdom for the same period, in a separate blog post.

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