We are off !

Its Saturday 3rd October 2021. We are off on our big adventure. To slow explore wherever we go.

We fly to Paris via Johannesburg. Then we connect onto Bordeaux. Our first housesit is in Salies de Bearn in the Nouvelle Aquitaine province of France for two weeks with three lovely dogs. This is near the border with Spain and the beautiful Pyrenees mountains.

We have chosen to fly to Bordeaux. It’s a big city, and it gets us far South before we connect to Salies. We will stay here for a few nights. We have also found that Flixbus is fantastic in terms of pricing and bus trips. Our 3 hour bus trip from Bordeaux to Salies costs only about eight euro each!

We are going to miss friends and also our daughter Samantha, our son Kyle and of course my dad John, but we are very excited. I will do my best to capture the highs – (hopefully many), and lows of our journey.

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