Two weeks in Charente, France

We looked after two lovely cross Saluki lurcher dogs near a tiny village called Aigre. Bentley and Teddy were very easy-going dogs. They have a fantastic ability to run but don’t need a lot of exercise. We also looked after them during a heatwave where temperatures peaked at 41 degrees. So for two days, there was no exercise at all. Just the dogs lolling around on the lounge furniture with the air conditioner going!

There were also two easy cats to look after. Interestingly the area we took them walking in bordered vineyards. I am amazed at how many vineyards we have walked dogs at, in our travels. 

Through my online teaching on PalFish I have become good friends with a lovely lady Julie. She has been a great inspiration and she has far more experience. She and her husband Glenn live about 50 minutes from our housesit and we had a lovely Sunday lunch with them.

We also visited the lovely small town of Verteuil-sur-Charente. Sadly the lovely chateau has been sold and was closed.

Angouleme is a nearby bigger town. It is well known for its lovely cartoons and graphic displays. There are about 25 of these altogether. We just saw a few.

We also noticed this interesting concrete mould with holes in it over all the flower beds in the city. One then plants seedlings in the holes. I am sure this allows for more intensive watering and the plants grow well spaced and beautifully together.

Some other interesting observations; hay bales are cut in rectangles and then stacked. Just like a game of tetris.

Sunflowers were just starting to open and we found this stunning field.

Dentists are unavailable in France. I again had a loose crown! Another tooth this time! I guess one gets to an age where all these things are too old. It was impossible to get an appointment, even to just cement it back. I must have spoken to over six dentists. One even mentioned that the first appointment for new patients was at the end of 2022! We were prepared to drive up to 90 minutes away. My friend Jane in Salies also tried on our behalf, with me thinking that her much better French may help. There was no chance. Luckily it didn’t cause pain and I was able to get an appointment in Truro in Cornwall.

There was lots more to see in the Charente area. We wanted to go to Cognac and see a few other towns, but there was not enough time. We also found the unusual heatwave wiped us out. We will have to go back to this area 😀

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