Time with dear, old friends

One of the best things about our many months in the UK has been the chance to catch up or stay with several friends.

Graeme worked with Adu many years ago at MTN. We visited Graeme and his lovely wife Andrea for 2 nights at their house on the Isle of Wight. We caught the ferry from Southampton.

We had lovely food and caught up on the years that have rushed by. Too much wine, and yummy paella and a divine steak braai were organised. Graeme showed us around the island and we saw the famous chalk needle outcrops, the lovely coastline and the garlic farmhouse.

The Needles

Adu showing Graeme a geocache

Then Glennis a dear friend of mine came to visit whilst we were house sitting in Rochester. She spent a night and a day with us. Her son Grant was an absolute sweetie bringing her the one evening and fetching her the next as the UK train strikes were in full swing.

We visited the lovely Rochester cathedral and castle. The Cathedral is the second oldest cathedral in the UK after Canterbury. Christian worship began in the Cathedral in AD604.

It is an English church of Norman architecture.  The nave was begun in 1080 and then partially rebuilt after a fire in 1137.

We were very lucky as there were multiple University graduations on the go, but we managed to persuade the guard that we be allowed in for a quick 15 minutes.

The rare wall painting below is from the 1200’s . It shows the Wheel of Fortune, a symbolic medieval image of the temporary, unfulfilling nature of the pursuit of status, money, and power.

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