Switzerland with 2 cats

We had a wonderful, peaceful time in Switzerland for a week. Danica lives in the loveliest house in a tiny town called Rafz, perched on the edge of some vineyards. We were about 35 minutes drive from Zurich. The environment with the beauty of the nearby vineyards, the church clock that chimed each hour, and the friendly cows was just perfect.

On our first evening we were spoilt with Raclette, a typical Swiss dish. We have had this before with Adu’s friend, Felix and it is just yummy!

Danica was off to America for a week and our job was to take care of her lovely young cats. Mira and Jackie are both characters. They are just under a year old, and are energetic in their mouse hunting especially at night. These are then brought to you as presents, sometimes still alive.

We took a daily walk in the vineyards and Jackie who walks every day with Danica, came walking with us once!

Adu of course found a geocache series, set in the nearby forest. We were astounded at the beauty of the forests with their autumn colours. I think Adu has seen similar sights spending lots of time in Europe in his teen years, but I just could not get over how beautiful they were. It was a fair distance to the forests and we walked there on two separate days. I then returned and left Adu to continue with his geocaching hobby. The one cache was very clever, you needed an LED light and the clue was written on the wall of a cave. When a man saw Adu emerging along the path from the cave he asked Adu if he had slept in it 😊

Beautiful Switzerland, we will return!

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