Packing up your life!

It really is quite something moving from a 4 bedroom house to a single storage container, a 20kg suitcase and hand luggage per person!

We put a long list together of everything we needed to do. For those considering doing a slow travel similar to ours, I thought this list might be of interest. We may still find additional things to add to it. We wrote our list on our huge board and it then gave a sense of accomplishment crossing each item off.

We also did a count down in weeks until departure date and put that on the board and crossed off each Friday.

Here is the list:

Give notice if you are renting, or put your house on the market to sell, or rent it out.

Rent a suitable storage container.

Find a second storage container in case one is not enough (at a different place to reduce risk).

Buy pallets for the storage container base.

Ensure passport/s renewed.

Ensure children’s passports renewed (not essential as they are over 18, but one last time we will help with this).

Renew Driver’s license.

Obtain International driver’s license.

Obtain new Bank card (to give the longest expiry).

Obtain second bank account (this is suggested for us both to do as a backup in case cards are stolen).

Take paper and electronic photostats of all important documents.

Notify all banks of impending travel plans.

Check and if necessary revise wills.

Try to change all correspondence to electronic contact.  If postal address is required, discuss who you can use.

Obtain backup drive for laptop. Even more important as laptop will be traveling a lot.

Organise service for Canon camera.

Imagine eventual future house and using that image, decide per item of furniture if it’s been kept or not.

For the “nots” either sell or donate.

Check what suitcases you will use and have padlocks for them.

Donate house plants.

Book the mover.

Decide on script medication needs and how you will handle this.

Put together a small medicine kit.

Decide on vehicles. Are you keeping one, selling one, selling both?

Cancel subscription TV and TV licenses.

Cancel house and car insurance.

Get insurance for the storage unit contents.

Decide on medical aid contributions. How long does your medical aid cover you overseas?

Purchase travel insurance.

Get double COVID vaccinated and ensure you have a digital certificate. Laminate your orignial certificate to preserve it.

Download GARMIN maps to use offline on cellphone for countries you think you will be traveling to.

Decide if you are keeping your cellphone package and number. We did decide to do this as it makes it easier for banking, but we will use an additional phone with a local sim as we travel.

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