Our first three months

2 October 2021 – 3 January 2022

Well we have now been travelling for three months. In this time we have done six house sits with four being in Germany, one in France and one in Switzerland. We have looked after 11 dogs and two cats.

The very first house sit (HS) we booked was the one in Selbitz in Germany. But the first one we went to was in Salies in France (this was after our initial Albania holiday plan was cancelled), and we luckily found Jane & Andy to fill the gap. You can see from the map below the distance we covered to get from house sit one (3) to house sit two (5).
We also did visit friends Claire & Willem in Cordes sur Ciel just before Selbitz.

I thought a map every three months showing where we had been would be interesting. We flew into Paris (1), then down to Bordeaux (2) at an Airbnb. Then onto Salies (3) for HS1. Then to Cordes sur Ciel (4), then to Selbitz (5) in Germany for HS2. Then to Nuremburg (6) where we stayed at an airbnb. (I still need to write the blog post on this beautiful city). Then HS3 was in the vineyards of Switzerland in a town called Rafz (7). Then HS4, HS5 and HS6 all well placed without too much travel in between in Neuburg an Rhine (8), Gruenstadt (9) and Trier (10) all in Germany.

Our six housesits have all given us 5 star references. This beginning part of our journey has very much been to build up a good base of references. So this is FANTASTIC!

Are we missing South Africa, not particularly.

Are we missing family and friends – of course yes!

What is our biggest expense? Travel!

We still are keen to buy a car.

2 thoughts on “Our first three months”

  1. Clare van der Merwe

    Oh my goodness Ash, what a wonderful blog, and your photos are fantastic! I must say I find it rather inspiring and would really be open to an adventure like this!

    The animals you have taken care of also appear to be very happy with you and Adu, I’m sure you will receive many more house sit requests – such a brave and exciting time for you both, and to have Kyle visit for his 21st Birthday, well my word, talk about the cherry on top.

    Please keep the blog coming, its really interesting to see,

    Stay safe and ENJOY!

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