Maple and Hector

Our time in Trier was spent looking after two lovely dogs called Maple (female) and Hector (male). They were rescued at two weeks old on the streets of Borneo. They are brother and sister and love and protect each other. When we looked after them they were five years old and had only been separate from their owners at one other time. They are well travelled and have lived in Borneo, Brunei and now in Germany.

They are beautiful dogs who are very used to their people owners and really would prefer to share your couch and bed. We let them in for snuggles every morning and they would stretch out and lie between us or at the foot of the bed.

They did not have a big need to run in the forest or field but rather stayed close by. Maple especially loved digging for moles! We are not sure of their breed but there is definitely Husky in there somewhere. We loved looking after them.

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