Loseley Park, Surrey has such wonderful gardens!

TripAdvisor is often a fantastic source of highlights of a particular area. Loseley Park was mentioned as a stunning garden. We got there quite late so I only spent about 2 hours wandering around but it was so worthwhile. The entrance cost is ten pounds. One can also buy a ticket to tour the magnificent house as well as the garden. I just saw the garden.

The walled garden set on 2,5 acres, is divided into various sections or rooms. The Rose garden has over one thousand bushes!

The roses against the background of Loseley House are beautiful.

The flower garden has multiple pathways and so many different colours. I loved the striking orange, red and yellow colours set against bushes of blue and purple.

There is a lovely organic kitchen vegetable garden. I saw the most amazing-sized artichoke!

My two highlights were the amazing hollyhocks and the white garden.

I couldn’t believe the number of hollyhocks, the size and the colour. Just – Wow!

The white garden is just serene and so beautiful. There are such an amazing number of different plants with different textures and sizes. The water feature is also so well done. My Mom loved white flowers and would really have loved this. This section is meant to be very popular as a photo shoot spot for Bridal photos!

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