Kyle turns 21

Our dear son Kyle came to join us in Brittany for 10 days. It was his 21st birthday and he wanted to be with us. The weather was not the best and he was having a change of idea of what he wants to do career wise so a lot of time was spent with him exploring different options and then chatting, so we did not really explore much, but rather spent time together. He is also a typical young adult who enjoys seeing his first chateau but not lots and lots of them.

On his actual birthday we had wanted to go to a smart restaurant Guethnoc but this was closed in the week (it is winter), so we rather went to a lovely Italian place.

We then made a booking on the Saturday for Guethnoc where Kyle tried snails, Adu had steak tartare and I had a seafood cassoulet with yummy scallops. Scallops are something I love in France. I have never come across them in South Africa before.

The one cat Claude especially loved Kyle.

Too soon it was time to sadly say goodbye and give him hugs and kisses.

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