French Passe Santaire

A crucial document for traveling around France is the Passe Sanitaire. This document has a built in QR code of your Covid vaccinated status and is essential to be able to travel on public transport and to enter restaurants. We were not asked for it when we used the tram in Bordeaux, but could not have boarded our Flixbus transport between Bordeaux and Biarritz without it. We also have had to show it on numerous occasions before entering restaurants.

The French authorities allow you to apply online for the pass using proof of your vaccinated status. Adu and I applied within twenty minutes of each other. Mine came through within a week. His took longer. He actually used his laminated South African vaccination certificate for the first few days in France which was also accepted.

Between Adu and I applying there were over 100 000 applications. The process is very efficient. The website to apply for the pass is

I must admit I feel relieved that we have this for traveling around Europe.

The pass application is simple and requires scanned copies of the following documents:

Passport of non EU country

Arrival and departure details from France

Address where you will be first staying

Vaccination certificate

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