Forests and Snow

We spent just under 3 weeks in a small town called Straimont in the Ardenne region of Belgium. The dogs were wonderful and the area was really so pretty. I didn’t realise before we came on this big trip how much I love forests. They are so very beautiful.

In Belgium you are not allowed to venture off the path in the forest unless you are picking mushrooms or berries as you may damage the undergrowth. Mushroom picking especially is a big pastime.

Sue and Dom welcomed us with a lovely message and chocolates. We ended up staying with them for 3 nights before they left, as their ferry from the Netherlands to Scotland had been delayed. So, they were able to show us several beautiful walks and Dom cooked yummy meals.

Although it was early January there was still such a Christmas feel to their small town. Each house is donated an outside tree as long as they promise to decorate it. The first picture shows the entrance to the town which is just by their house.

As I said again the forests were stunning.

We had two snowfalls in our time in Straimont. We still walked the dogs on all days but one.

This tiny, operating church was on another walk in the hills near the town where we walked the dogs if the forests were too muddy.

It was January so many restaurants were closed but we went out on both Sundays to the Greek restaurant as it was so good. I had calamari the one week and prawns (gambas) the other. In all our traveling we have found Greek restaurants to be good value and great food.

We had so much rain during our stay. Isn’t it funny with the bench flooded in the middle of the lake.

You can also see the ice effect on the lake near where we walked. One day the reflection was so very pretty. The next night it was about -6 degrees Celsius , and the lake iced up and there was no more reflection for half the lake.

The whole area must be also very beautiful in Spring and Autumn.

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