Farewell SA bush

The one thing that I really love about South Africa is the peace and beauty of the bush. Of course seeing amazing animals is also pretty cool! We know that this is one thing we will miss when we go traveling overseas. We also wanted to spend some time with our son Kyle (he is studying at University), so he joined us for several nights.

We went to the Hluluwe Imfolozi reserve in KZN. We decided to actually stay overnight in the reserve at a camp called Mpila. Mpila is unfenced so you need to be careful not to leave food lying around, as this attracts animals. Reserve gates have opening hours of 6am in winter. It is better to be in the actual reserve before sunrise, as this allows you to leave early in the morning for animal spotting.

Kyle and I went on a lovely game drive. We drove the Loop which is well known for sightings of lion. Kyle really wanted to see some cats. However the Mpila reserve had had an incredible sighting of lions very close to the boundary the day before we got there. Several lions had lay around their kill and now I am sure had full tummies 😊 So we didn’t see any cats. They were far in the bush. But we had incredible sightings of rhino, buffalo and elephant. If you look carefully in the background of the one photo with Kyle and I, you can see an elephant.

It was a special, wonderful time!

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