featured ostuni
Ostuni, the white city of Puglia
The white city of Ostuni is the biggest town turned white in the whole Itria Valley. Ostuni like many other towns was painted white during the plague epidemic as a way of disinfecting the town. We...
Locorontondo, the prettiest town in Puglia 
Locorontondo comes from the Latin Locus Rotundus, a round place. During the first half of the thirteenth century, it grew at the top of a hill enclosed in its walls. The village assumed a circular shape...
Top things to see in Baroque Lecce
The most pompous and amazing thing to see in Lecce, in my opinion, is the Basilica of Santa Croce. It was built over 150 years with the involvement of three architects, each wanting to outdo the other....
Observations, Life in the UK for nearly 4 months
We have spent almost 4 months in the UK. Our thoughts were to explore the Southern half of England. We tried to books longer house sits and then jigsaws shorter ones in between. We completed a total of...
Yorkshire Dales – All Creatures Great and Small scenery on overload
I love the series All Creatures Great and Small and read all the James Herriot books as a teenager. Series 3 has just been released in the UK and I have been watching that each week. We have...
Some stunning parts of Scotland
My godparents Rosemary and Tony used to live in Canterbury, Kent. I have visited them and stayed with them on at least six occasions over the past thirty years. I have a wonderful memory of being twelve...
featured edinburgh
Edinburgh, a wonderful, beautiful city
I had been told by many people how beautiful Edinburgh is. And it is well worth a visit. My favourite place was St Giles Cathedral. It is a vibrant, very busy city filled with the noise of different languages....
featured louth
Louth, capital of the Wolds, a place of outstanding beauty
We have spent a month in a wonderful, luxurious modern house looking after 3 labradors. The house itself set on a large property with huge windows which draw in the sun. The setting allows one to see beautiful...
A day trip to Oxford, the perfect day
Oxford is a fantastic day trip from London. Just do it!
Flowers for the Queen and time with a dear friend
I had always planned to meet my dear friend Sasha in London for a few hours. She was visiting London on a work trip and we were leaving for Scotland two days later. The best way to see each other was for...