Cornwall is ever so beautiful

Cornwall is known to be such a beautiful spot so we were thrilled when a Cornish housesit popped up on our search alerts. Andrew and Louise were sweet, warm, and chatty people. They both work for the Samaritans a few evenings a week and they reminded me of my Mom and her tireless work for the 702 crisis centre helpline.

They have a bundle of energy little Nancy who is just delightful. I must admit we normally sit bigger dogs but this experience showed us the benefits also of little energetic, explosions of joy. She would run around, chewing her various toys and then collapse on your lap, or run helter-skelter between laps 😀

At night she knew she slept on the donut in their room but as soon as she heard you in the early morning it was a catapult onto the bed, a faceful of happy licks and then a snooze between us.

Cornwall really was beautiful. The view of the coastline not far from Truro where we stayed was our first glimpse of how pretty it is.

Andrew plotted our days for us with all the best views of Cornwall. My friend Jules from France also was a huge help with suggestions. We couldn’t do everything but it just means that we will need to return 😀

My Dad had holidayed as a youngster in Megavissey so we wanted to see that. The boats and sea view were just postcard perfect.

We also went to Gorran Harvey which had stunning turquoise sea colours.

The other full day included a visit to Lands End. The coastal path towards Lands End had stunning views and tired out little Nancy. Lands End is Britain’s most south-westerly point. It’s a famous landmark where the North coast and the South coast paths meet. The Atlantic Ocean then stretches to the horizon and onto America.

We then went to Mousehole a quaint Cornish town and shared a Sunday roast plate at a lovely pub. Nancy got lots of treats in the pub from the locals and by chance we saw the opening of Silverstone which is where Andrew and Louise had gone.

Mousehole itself was having a craft fair at the point. We walked some distance from the pub to the sea and enjoyed the market and environment. 

Lizard point, Cadgwith and Kynance Cove are on the list of places to visit on a return trip 😀

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