Beautiful Tübingen and snow !

One of the places recommended on TripAdvisor as a beautiful, quaint town in Southern Germany was Tübingen. It was over an hour drive from Neuberg so we set off after walking the dogs. The weather was very cold and we even noticed a sleet, rain mix on the drive there.

Tübingen’s Altstadt survived World War II due to the city’s lack of heavy industry. The result is growing tourism as visitors come to wander through one of the few completely intact historic “old towns”  in Germany.

It is also home to one of Europe’s oldest universities started in 1477. The Alstadt has beautiful coloured half timber buildings built in the typical German style with cobbled streets. There is an ornately painted 15th-century City Hall with a functioning astronomical clock. I loved the post box for letters from Santa! I had really been missing reading an English book and we found a big bookstore that had an international section.

We wandered around outside for about an hour and then were so cold we had to find something to eat. We had to show our French Passe Sanitaire plus passport and we had a lovely meal.

On the drive back home it snowed ! I was very happy that Adu was driving. I found it quite scary. The highway continues almost as fast as before and you cannot see the lanes because of the snow. At a point in the snowfall we pulled behind a truck to slowdown. In Germany you are required by law to put winter tyres on your cars from October.

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