Beautiful Salies-de-Bearn again!

We were lucky enough to look after dear Alfie, Harry, and Archie again in their beautiful setting in the South of France, near the Pyrenees. It was with great pleasure that we returned. Doing a second sit 8 months later was just wonderful. We knew where everything was, we knew the dogs, the car, the environment.

We found Alfie a little bit older, but he still had a huge lover of water and swimming. Harry seemed a bit calmer, and Archie still barked trying to keep up with Harry on runs.

It was summer, so I swam every day which was lovely. Jane and Andy made us some wonderful quail on the first night which I had never tried before. We in return cooked a very yummy prawn and chicken curry for their return from their German / Italian road trip. We became even better friends and may very well return next year.

The petrol cost has increased so much since we were in France in October 2021, but I know this has happened all over the world. We were paying Euro 2.216 per litre. We only went out for one Plat de Jour and this had now increased to 15 EUR per person compared to the 13 EUR in Brittany, but it was still amazing value when one looked at the 3-course meal we ate.

We didn’t venture as far for day trips but explored nearby towns. There are some lovely views in French countryside and so many little villages. You can read about our first visit to Salies here.

Orthez is famous for this beautiful bridge.

The one thing I was very proud of that I did was walking about 3km of the Camino path. It was very steep! The reason we did it, was to find a geocache (of course 😀). To read more about geocaching look here. The geocache was hidden at this lovely church.

Whether it was hydrangeas or beautiful roses or geraniums, nature was lovely.

The church in Usttaritze was really pretty. This town is quite close to Spain and we found the people here friendly.

We also visited the nearby Le Plus Beaux Village,  La Bastide Clairence. This village has very much a Basque flavour to it. All the houses are painted white with typical deep red or sometimes green shutters.

We also so enjoyed the lovely views and sunsets.

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