Annecy for a few hours

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Annecy is known to be a very scenic and expensive city close to Switzerland (Geneva is 30 minutes away) in SE France. It often gives access to some of the best ski resorts of France.

Annecy has a lovely lake surrounded by mountains. It is well known for its old town with lovely cobbled streets and canals. It is known as the Venice of the Alps. 

The reason for our visit was for me to get my booster shot at the Annecy hospital. I booked this online several days in advance. The actual process of getting the injection was very easy. They were surprised at my South African hard copy certificate (everything is electronic here) but were helpful. It was suggested I get Moderna booster as my first two were Phizer. I left with a new certificate with a QR code and a French health number.

I have never seen such a big chunk of bread for sale! I also loved the chair and table near the canal.

This bridge is very popular for photos with the Palais de l’ille in the background. The palace in the middle of the river Thiou has been rebuilt many times. It was at one time a residence owned by the Count of Geneva. From the 17th century it became a prison. Then in more recent times it has been a home for veterans.

The Basilica had this very detailed and pretty domed, painted ceiling.

Annecy has very steep hills and like so many busy French cities no parking. The parking lot we found was high up near the Chateau d’Annecy which dates to between the 12th and 16th century and was the home of the Count of Geneva. We walked down a very steep hill to the old town.

These steel chairs were surprisingly comfortable and I was impressed to see many people sitting getting a daily dose of Vitamin D.

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