Angus, Isla and Shuna

We have looked after many dogs in our journey but Angus has been the happiest so far 😊 He is 4 years old and has such a JOY of life. He would bound around on the forest paths, carrying a HUGE stick in his mouth! I had never come across his breed before, the flat coated retriever. He is meant to be very typical of his breed. They are either dark brown or black in colouring and are large dogs. The breed is very mouthy; they at a young age always need something in their mouths to carry or to chew. He has his Dodo (the red reindeer pillow) that he carried in his mouth everywhere. It has been fixed and resewn three times. He is full of life and energy, and just beautiful! In fact his Mom is very like him in personality and is called Happy. Isn’t that such a wonderful name!

Then we have Isla and Shuna who were adopted at the same time. Sue and Dom wanted Isla, a small black cross breed dog, but she had been rescued from Spain with a much older German Shepherd Shuna. Shuna & Isla had shared a cage for a long time and it would not have been fair to separate them, so they adopted them both!

Isla is 5 years old. She is a spunky dog who is still a bit wary of strangers. She loves digging and half way through a walk would normally need to go on a long lead as otherwise she had a tendency to run off after deer or a bird or a squirrel. Sue said she would always return after a run but sometimes after 45 minutes. She loved her food and reminded me a bit of Blossom in our Magnac Laval sit.

Lastly Shuna, such a loving character. She is 14 years old and has bad arthritis and lots of aches and pains but would never want to stay at home. We would help her into the car and she would still do the 3km walk every day slowly. A strange habit she has is picking up a stone on her walk, carrying it off the path and then burying it. Sometimes this would be repeated once or twice.

We would happily look after Angus, Isla and Shuna again and walk in the beautiful forests once more!

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  1. Hi guys.
    I have been following your blog and enjoying every minute of it. Pam and I envy you what you seeing on your travels.. Enjoy and stay safe. Looking forward to your next experience. Lots of love from both of us

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