A fun week in Grünstadt

We had a six-night gap between our Neuberg and Trier housesits. I put a post on the Facebook housesitting group asking other house sitters how they handled gaps between sits. At times of course a few days in an Airbnb is a solution, but if you have to do this to frequently it becomes expensive. This is how I met Cheryl 😊

She said they would love to have a house sitter so they could go to Copenhagen for a long weekend, and they lived roughly half way! How is that for synchronicity! So, we had a wonderful sit in Grünstadt looking after Jeannie, a younger Belgian Malinois, and an eight year old mix-breed, confident Django.

Cheryl and Paul were just lovely. They live near a vineyard which is beautiful for walks. We had the fun experience again of some snow… I guess it is winter. I was teaching on Palfish, and suddenly more and more snowflakes started to fall. Of course I had to turn my iPad and show my students.

Jeannie and Django jumped onto our bed in the mornings, and started our days with licks and snuggles. We also saw some lovely Father Christmas’s making their way into chimneys & saw some Christmas lights in Grünstadt central.

Cheryl was a star taking us for a big shop before the sit and then taking us onto Trier. Maybe next year we might sit for them again in Heidelberg 😊

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