A boxer called Yoshi

Our second house sit was in Germany, in the town of Selbitz (population 4200) in NE Bavaria, up near the Czech border. We looked after a lovely Boxer called Yoshi. She was very sweet, and loved going for walks and having tummy rubs. She is owned by a family with two teenage boys who are both good at playing chess. They took part in a 3-day chess competition in Heidelberg and the eldest won the under 16 prize!

On our first day we were treated to a number of delicious cakes from the local bakery. We also fetched the boys from school and I found their middle school to be bright and cheerful.

There were two walking routes or loops one could do. The first was through the fields which were lined with sunflowers. They must have been very pretty in bloom. There were quite a few overcast days in our stay, but these also led to some lovely foggy photos. Wind turbines are quite common throughout Germany. We found temperatures were much lower, and were quite relieved that they didn’t have heavy snow, as had happened last year at this time! I thought the one house had such a lovely, inviting bench and pot-plants. We also saw some pretty autumn colours.

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