3 French Bulldogs

This housesit was for over two weeks to look after three French Bulldogs for Julie and Christian in Neuberg am Rhein. Neuberg is situated next to the huge Rhine river. In fact we had to change the setting on the GPS as it kept on directing us to a ferry to cross the Rhine which we didn’t really want to catch.

We were taken for a delicious meal on our first night to a French restaurant in France (the border is incredibly close).

The sit involved caring for three dogs, Mona Lisa who was eleven, Georgie who was seven and Cutty who was just over two years old. We learnt a lot about the French bulldog breed during our stay. Mona was just a sweet senior. Georgie was very lovable and enjoyed cuddling up to you and sleeping with his head on your leg .. he was my favourite 😊 He even appeared in some PalFish classes with me, my students loved him! Cutty had lots of energy and testerone and we had to be careful that he did not get into fights with Georgie.

The weather was often freezing cold and rainy in our stay.. reminding us it is winter. It’s amazing how a blue sky can change your outlook. We took the dogs for their daily 2km walk on a road with fields on either side. Sometimes we saw deer in the distance in the fields.

We went exploring nearby towns on Sundays. The one Sunday we went to Bellheim which was a pretty town with lovely painted electric boxes.

On the other Sunday we went to Berg a nearby town that had a lovely walking path by a river. This town is very close to the French border and I found it interesting that the signs mentioned German and French towns with the French towns indicated by (F).

We also went on two longer trips, but they are detailed as separate posts.

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