February 2022

Abbey Orval

The Countess Mathilde de Canossa, who reigned over northern Italy and Tuscany in the 11th Century stopped for a drink of water at this spring and her gold wedding ring dropped in the water. Legend says that she prayed and promised that she would start an Abbey in the area if her ring was found. …

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Forests and Snow

We spent just under 3 weeks in a small town called Straimont in the Ardenne region of Belgium. The dogs were wonderful and the area was really so pretty. I didn’t realise before we came on this big trip how much I love forests. They are so very beautiful. In Belgium you are not allowed …

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Angus, Isla and Shuna

We have looked after many dogs in our journey but Angus has been the happiest so far 😊 He is 4 years old and has such a JOY of life. He would bound around on the forest paths, carrying a HUGE stick in his mouth! I had never come across his breed before, the flat …

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