15 countries

27 housesits



Europe, an amazing, incredible 15 months of travel
We have had an amazing adventure for 15 months. The map below gives a summary of where we travelled. It also shows how much we actually did!  The red pins are our 22 housesits. Where...
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Bom Jesus do Monte, Portugal , a stunning Basilica
In the 19th century, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus was considered the largest pilgrimage center in Portugal. It lost some popularity because of the Apparitions of Fátima in 1917. The...
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Two wonderful days in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal
Peneda-Gerês is the only national park in Portugal. It is known to be a place of incredible beauty and I am so pleased we took a few days out to explore it.  The terraced land...
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Vibrant, noisy, amazing Nicolinas in Guimarães
The very cute photo of the youngsters on the cover of this blog post, and above, is courtesy of the Camara or municipality of Guimarães. The rest were all taken by me whilst we watched...
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Guimarães, the famous birthplace of Portugal
Guimarães is one of the finest historic cities in northern Portugal and is fondly regarded by the Portuguese as the birthplace of their country. It was here that the first Portuguese...
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Braga, very green and beautiful, but very wet!
We spent ten days exploring Northern Portugal. Two nights were spent in Porto and Lisbon, but we did not explore either city. Our goal was to explore Northern Portugal and we rather...
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